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About Me - My Photographic Journey

My photographic career began for Fuji NZ as a Professional in the Photographic Film Industry. This job lasted for ten years. In teaching myself how to take photographs so that I understood my industry, it soon became my personal passion and I exhibited for the first time in 1998 with great success. My subjects then were quite abstract and unusual and so much more than an image in a frame. More like Photographic Art and sculptures.  I went on to do many more exhibitions including a solo with the NZ Academy of Fine Arts and won a number of National and Local Awards.

Then as we all do, I became a lover, a fiancé, a wife and a mother and my life changed again. So much fuller with my husband Les and now 7 year old son Jamie. Fulfilling these stages of life helps you to value those things in other people’s lives. So I extended my already significant creative skill base into Portrait Photography and Wedding Photography and discovered the art of capturing life and the story it tells. I’ve become passionate about encouraging people to stop and take a moment to celebrate their families and who they are today.

My Portrait and Wedding images have consistently been awarded Gold, Silver and Bronzes with the Photographic Society of New Zealand and New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers and The Kodak Awards. I have achieved a qualification in Portrait and Wedding photography with the NZIPP, and earned my Associateship & Masters, which I also hold with the PSNZ.

I feel honoured when someone allows me into their world, giving me the opportunity to create and capture some very special timeless memories, helping to tell the story of your life.  I don't take photos; I create images from moments in our lives’ that allow us to treasure those most precious to us.

Over my years of doing guest speaks & judging at camera clubs around the country I am now offering Art of Photography Workshops who anyone who'd like to improve, play, create & learn more about how to create awesome images.  I'm really looking forward to sharing my knowledge. Click here for more info