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Appreciating Men

Appreciating the man in our lives is something we often forget to do. They are our friends, lovers, husbands, Dads and without them our lives wouldn’t be complete and this needs to be celebrated.

Their individual personality and character makes them exceptional. From the adventurous to the vulnerable. From the gregarious to the lonely, from the sensual to the self absorbed. From the confused to the confident. Seeing and wanting to capture this has created this genre of Appreciating Men and all that they are in our lives and passionately in the Fine Art style.

Photography is the art of light and I love photographing the nude male body with all its strength and depth and tone and the way the light plays with its curves and lines.

For the body proud this truly allows you to become a work of art with your body as the canvas. These photo shoots are not intended to be x-rated, more PG – so while you are not necessarily wearing anything you’re not showing more than you want to either and with carefully placed fabrics and props it’s the allure of the image that makes it beautiful.

You’ll be happy to know while the finished images gives the appearance of being nude you are welcome and encouraged to wear a g-string that gets edited out in post production.

So Men capture the elements that celebrate who you are and what better way than allowing Maree Turner Photography create some stunning images that reflect just that.

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