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Boudoir Photography

At Maree Turner Photography we are passionate about creating images that capture the glamour, beauty and sensuality of every woman.

No matter what gift wrapping we come in it’s as much about your inner beauty and personality type we strive to capture for you.

Whether it’s just for you or to share with the special someone in your life we want you to have fun.

These shoots are not intended to be x-rated but give you an opportunity to be as frivolous, enticing, sexy, alluring, daring or as shy and mysterious as you choose.

So raid the lingerie draw, treat yourself to something new and with a mix of props and fabrics I have at the studio, let’s play!

These shoots can be done in the studio or your own home. And you can choose either a natural of Fine Art creative finish.

You become the canvas from which I’ll create the art.


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