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Christchurch Soul is a collection of conceptual images inspired by the kaleidoscope of impressions I've had since moving to Christchurch in January 2012. The collection comprises of images in three categories entitled 'Windows to the soul', 'Fallen History' and 'Raw emotions of Survival'.
The collection conveys the memories of those who lived and worked in the buildings that are now becoming part of our history. This is the last chance we have to capture some of these scenes. It is my belief that these buildings have a story to tell, and I want to challenge my viewers into to thinking about whether the buildings have a soul.
Using the power of photography and the captured image means their stories will be remembered and recorded. It will give viewers the opportunity to consider these moments in time that shattered the lives of so many. I dedicate this collection to those who lost their lives on this fateful day & to the strength & courage of those now rebuilding. Live & enjoy today never forgetting, but working towards a fantastic tomorrow.
These images will be for sale in the near future, both as limited editions and prints.  To express your interest in purchasing please go to my contact page.