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If you are looking for the ultimate piece of wall art that is truly Anything But Ordinary look no further than a Premier Fine Art Experience by Maree Turner. This service is first rate and like no other, for the discerning client who would enjoy the unique opportunity to become the canvas in their own art.

With her photography Maree loves exploring shape, form and texture and says “Photography is the art of light. Her brush of choice for creating stunning & unique personal art for her clients. It’s about finding and illuminating some aspect of an individual’s personality and character that makes them exceptional.”    New Zealand Art Show 2011 news release.

Maree's images & story have been published, awarded both nationally & internationally with a recent attainment of her Masters accreditation from the NZIPP. She is passionate about creating something that is unique to you reflecting the personalities & characters of those within her frame.

Become the canvas from which she will create the art.  Painting with light! Fine Art, Natural, Abstract, Creative, Environmental, Contemporary, Traditional and always unique!

Maree will initially come to your home and assess the wall area/s that you would like to fill. Maree will look at your present style, art and your home environment. Maree will spend time getting to know your family in order to get an understanding of your ideas, personalities, likes, interests etc.

From here Maree will work with you and your family to capture images that not only represent who you all are but images that will make stunning pieces of art that will leave visitors to your home in awe. Family art only increases in value with time.

The options with the Premier Fine Art Experience are limitless. Images created from within your lifestyle to reflect your world today based around who you are, your passions, your style, your journey. This art will tell your story and can be created from the life around you. This could be personal portrait, a family, couple, pets or you don’t necessarily need to feature in it. The choice is yours.

Maree can create multiple pieces, artwork that features more than one component that can be changed around, your choice of canvas, acrylic metals, additions and much more.

"Memories here today are gone tomorrow but fleeting moments in that space and time; the expressions captured the personalities reflected"

This image perfectly reflects the love this couple share of the sea and the time they spend playing in it.

I love to encourage grownups to update their family portrait, which were probably taken 20 years ago.  This kind of shot puts a smile on your face no matter what kind of day you've had!

Steps to self acceptance

Three award winning fine art pieces that  sold at The NZ Art show in Wellington this year.  Along with the 2 pieces below, these are part of a series I did investigating the confusion and turmoil that a lot of men find themselves in today trying to discover who they are, who they can be, what they stand for and where they fit into society today. What is their role?

   Opening up   Bar coded future

Certainly not your traditional portrait but an exciting pieces of personal art!

A fantastic collection of images reflective of the ever changing moods of our children

Beautiful vintage style boudoir & glamour portraits where you truly become the fine art that you are.

See my Celebrating Women galleries for more of this style work

A new take on the traditional children's portrait that very much fits with the personality of this child.  Once more a unique treasured family creation that will be enjoyed by her grandchildren in the years to come

This was a fun series to capture & yes the bubbles are separate pieces making this a incredible fine art piece capturing the delight that both children and adults have through the ages, enjoyed playing with bubbles!

For those that don't want the traditonal portrait photo but something far much more personal


And if you are really shy, you don't even have to be in the image!  This image has been created from a piece of their own furniture.  So an orginal & unique fine art image created from something you already own!

This image was one of many created for a resturant owner

Colours to compliment the room. An abstract piece with petals from their garden mixed their curtains

A simple piece of furniture, yet a beautiful piece of art

A simple piece of furniture, yet such a beautiful piece of art

Light and line, and the masterpiece that is the body we wear

Become your own canvas with beautiful elegant Fine Art Nude images

I hope you've enjoyed these images I 've chosen to share with you and  that I have the pleasure of creating something just as unique just for you.