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As Promised; Drown the Gown

As you can see Emma did just that. Full credit to this courageous Bride who stepped under the freezing waterfall and then clamoured back down the hill side and walked straight out into the surf (and the crazy Photographer with pants rolled up to her thighs further out in the tide trying to keep her bum and her camera dry) all in the name of art!

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Bridal Fashion Achieved At Giddy Heights

Emma wanted to get the most out of her self designed gown and decided to book a Trash the Gown Shoot combined with that though was another new category of mine (one that you don’t often have the time to achieve on the wedding day) that is a Bridal Fashion Shoot. Great for those Brides that maybe don’t want a trash but want the fun of dressing up and wearing their gown again and to be a model for a day. Shots that make you look like you have stepped straight out of a Bridal Fashion

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Top Notes Hit At Musick Point

It’s pretty much the end of the Wedding season and what a pleasure it was to finish with Melanie and Lloyds. It was also nice that it was in my local area and I didn’t have to drive as far as I’ve had to for most of my other bookings this season. It also meant that they were able to have their ceremony at Musick Point where they spend a lot of time and where most of their portrait photos were taken.

We also took photos as the sun was setting at Cockle Bay a significant spot for them as

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Every Dog Has Its Day

Every family shoot is different, as this one certainly was! Four well loved dogs were a big part of the dynamics for this family.

Shooting pets in a studio is always a challenge. Having four dogs smelling out the territory and exploring the space was entertaining. But what four perfect little models they were when it came time to photograph them. It’s like they were born for the camera. And as you will see, were perfect little posers. All credit to Jasmine and Mum for having such well

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Rocking in the Aisles

It’s not very often a couple get to be married by a family member as Michael our Groom did and it was the first wedding to be held in this Church and what a Christening it was. A beautiful and fun ceremony with some fantastic ‘lift the rafters’ singing that had me dancing behind my camera and the guests rocking in the aisle. The Brides walk down the aisle started with a line of honour by her young gym students.

There were lots of personal touches to this very special day for Michael &

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Shooting Kids – Something All Parents Fantasise About from Time to Time

I love saying that. People always look twice at me until I remind them that my weapon is a lens, not a barrel. The hardest age to photograph children is between 1-4 (the ages of these models) when they are in that stage of life where they don’t like being told where to go, how to stay and what to do. They’d much rather be exploring and using the space around them. But as all good Family Photographers I always enjoy a challenge.

You need to try and relate to kids on their level, find

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