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Boudoir Shots

I had the pleasure of shooting some boudoir shots over the weekend. I am passionate about creating images that capture the glamour, beauty and sensuality of every woman.

No matter what gift wrapping we come in it’s as much about your inner beauty and personality type I strive to capture for you.

Boudoir shots can be just for you or for you to share with that special someone in your life. These shoots are not intended to be x-rated but give you an opportunity to be as frivolous,

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But Wait There is More!

Just when I thought my Wedding season was over I got this last minute shoot to do for Sonia & Remainder who decided at the last minute to tie the knot before heading over to Sydney this week to live.

I've photographed Sonia before so it was a great pleasure to capture these special images for her & her new husband. Enjoy!

The Last I Do

The last wedding of the season... Yay! Despite the forecast for rain it stayed fine but being so late in the year we did run out of light very quickly and spent the last forty five minutes of the shoot depending entirely on our flash.

Mandy & Greg got married in the very gorgeous St. Patricks Church in the city. They were a fun group to shoot although at one point we lost the Groomsmen in traffic and had to shoot without them for half an hour or so but it’s all part of living in

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Photographer Enthusiast Finds Herself on the Other End of the Lens

Last month I did a portrait workshop for the Auckland Camera Club. I was invited to share my expertise on portrait photography. I showed them some of my own work allowing me to describe the essential elements involved in creating Anything But Ordinary portraiture. This included some before and afters to demonstrate the benefits of post production. I took in some of my studio lighting, set them up with a model so that I could demonstrate the different ways of lighting to create different

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