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Post Production

While the Wedding season may be over for shooting I’m still in the depths of post production. As I’m working on images I am reminded how lucky I am to share this special day in peoples’ lives creating memories for them. Nothing does the soul better than being around a couple that are in love and the celebration that a Wedding Day gives. Here are some of the images that I have been working on this week. Enjoy!

Mothers Day Competition Winners

We ran a Mother’s Day competition this year. Entrants had to say why their Mum deserved a photo shoot. There were a lot of deserving Mums out there. But our lucky winner was Kelly-Thuy Tran. This was her story. “My Mum deserves a photo shoot because she lost 90% of her photos during the Vietnam War when she fled with my Dad and Sister. Family photos were lost or burnt. My Mum loves taking photos and I know she would love this!”

Kelly’s Mum is one lucky Mum to have two beautiful

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The NZIPP Annual Iris Awards are almost upon us. It is always hard trying to decide what entries to make for these Awards. I get so close to the work as the Artist that I can’t always be that objective. Then of course we are always also trying to pick ones that the panel of five judges is going to award (hard to please these kick arse buggers that they are, getting any award is like pulling dinosaur teeth.) What it does mean though is that any images that do get awarded certainly have

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NZ Art Show 2011

What an exciting week it’s been! I’ve not only won a nomination for the B & W Spider Awards but my work has also been accepted to exhibit in the NZ Art Show. I recently submitted three pieces for the show and all three were accepted. I’m feeling very proud of myself as they would have had thousands of submissions so I’m delighted to be exhibiting again with my Fine Art creative work.

The objective of the show is to promote and expose new, emerging and established New Zealand

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Fine Art Nude

As promised some more of the images from last weekend’s shoot. Forget New Zealand's Next Top Model, Kate was absolutely gorgeous to work with and a true natural.

This mix of images moves more into my Fine Art Nude genre in celebrating the female form and the way that the light plays on the lines and depth of body shape. To see more of these images check out my Celebrating Women categories by clicking here. Enjoy!

Black and White Spider Awards

I’ve had success with my first entry into an International Photography Competition. I did not receive any of the big prizes but out of the thousands of images submitted from around the world I’m proud that this image “Five Generations” made it into the final nominations.

Celebrating its sixth year, Black and White Spider Awards is the leading international award honouring black and white photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur

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