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Final NZIPP Iris Award Entries

It is with great difficulty and many hours of indecision that I present to you my NZIPP Iris Award entries.

Every country has its own Photographic Professional Institute. It is well known that NZ is the toughest when it comes to the awards. The standard being so jolly high which certainly in one sense is great but deciding which images to submit is very difficult.

It’s not about your favourite photos or the ones your like the most. But it’s about choosing ones that the judges are

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Potential Young Model Talent

I’ve just finished working on these two modelling portfolio shoots and as I’m sure you’ll agree they deserve to be snapped up by an Agency as they photograph very well!

If you or anyone you know is an aspiring actor or model I’d love the opportunity to create a portfolio for you. So book your photo shoot now.

Celebrating Women

Another week of celebrating women and the beautiful form that their bodies create. Now ladies if the thought has crossed your mind to treat yourself to a beautiful fine art portrait celebrating who you are today – be not afraid. You don’t have to be nude. In all of these shots my women were wearing G-Strings that I post produced out in the editing phase.

These are some of the images that I have been working on this week. I hope you enjoy them.

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Sharing Photography Through Skype

Quite a few of my clients from the Wedding season just past are ex-pats who fly home to the land of the long cloud for a quick Wedding. This morning I had the pleasure of showing Jason and Janelle via Skype (who sat in their living room in London with a glass of champagne at 10 pm at night their time) the images from their special day.

Old memories, new memories, forgotten moments all relived. This couple had a very wet Wedding but boy did the make the most of it. You might remember

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Calling All Talent Scouts - We Have A Model For You!

One of the many things I love about this job (and title) is the pleasure of helping new models who haven’t been in front of a camera before. I enjoy teaching them how to move and smile and work the lens. It is always satisfying to see the results of that direction. All in aid of making their images stand out from the crowd of modelling faces. Sunny’s going to do particularly well if Bollywood comes to town (as promised by John Key.)

It was an absolute pleasure to shoot these shots. I

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More For Kelly

A few shots from Kellys shoot



Photo Shoots Make Great Birthday Presents!

I had the pleasure of photographing a superb couple in the weekend where the wife had bought a shoot voucher for her husband for his birthday. As you will see I managed to convince her to join in some of the shots. The dynamics of their relationship together was fantastic. Lots of laughs and quite clearly a couple in love.

A long with the fun shots of them we did also capture some business profile pictures as well. And a perfect finishing off shot of them leaping around, being silly

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Celebrating The New Us

Celebrating women, we should do this more often. I had the pleasure of creating some beautiful images for a Mum of one over the weekend. A mix of shots including Fine Art nude. These are beautiful images where I created art with her body as a canvas. Images that make any women feel sexy again with our post baby bodies. Celebrating the new us. I have the secrets for posing you in ways that kinda hide the bits we might not like so much and emphasise the ones we do. So celebrate who you are

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Damn I love this job!

 I had the pleasure last evening of showing Kylie & Michael all of the images captured & created from their wedding day. A small sample of which are in the below blog. It's my favorite part of the job. Getting to give my couples a memory blast. It's the next best thing to the actual day. You get to look back on the day from a whole different prespective. From the outside. You get to laugh, maybe cry, it's all a surprise. And you go home with a smile on your face & love in your heart:) Mmmm

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