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Carrying The Most Precious Gift Of All


Carrying The Most Precious Gift Of All.

Outside the wedding day with the celebration of our love and commitment we make to each other nothing else surpasses the experience and emotions of giving birth to a child that is the result of that love for each other.


Amongst the many fantastic elements of my job is the relationships I develop with my wedding couples that allows me to capture all these other precious moments in their lives. 

One of

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Please No More Undies & Socks This Year!

Oh no! Another Fathers Day. What on earth are we going to get Dad this year? He really does have enough hankies and undies.


The most precious gift that you can give any family man to represent the love he has for his family and create some fantastic memories of who he is today/ this year is a photographic shoot with an award winning Photographer.


·        Dad & the kids,

·        Granddad & all the kids,

·        Dad, Mum and the kids,

·        Dad and his best friend

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Mandy & Greg

Mandy and Greg have been very patient waiting to view their photos while I have been busy over the last couple of weeks with exhibitions and awards so here are a few more teasers for them and I look forward to showing them all of the images later this week.

New Season Bridal Gowns – Oh I Wish I Could Find An Excuse To Wear One Again…

But no I only got married this last decade so no chance. Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to a special evening by Astra Bridal introducing the up and coming seasons designs. Along with photographing the event for them I had the opportunity to share some of the vast knowledge I have on Wedding Days (need to know often don’t, invaluable tips.)

All in aid of making Brides look and stay looking fantastic and a mix of other elements that ensure a smooth running day. So any Brides

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A Reason to Celebrate

A lovely Engagement Party for this gorgeous Indian couple with the exchanging of the rings with their full three day Indian Wedding later on in the year.

Being in Wellington this weekend I had one my super star Photographers Stephen Mare’ from my Anything But Ordinary Team photograph this wedding with great results.

My Anything But Ordinary Team is Wedding Photography for the budget conscious Bride & Groom.  For more information on this please check out the following link.. {page_125}

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Wedding in Gumboots

I did this Wedding for a local couple a few weeks ago, at this time of year you’ll never know what the weather is going to do.  This Bride came well prepared with not just an umbrella but the gum boots as well. While they were both needed we also had bursts of sunshine and the good luck of a rainbow or two.

This was a nice small intimate Wedding but certainly one of celebration with lots of love and emotion.