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Laughter and Love Go Together

What I love about shooting weddings is the pleasure i get seeing the dynamics of the couple during the portrait session. The one day in your life to let your love show, of course this is it. Laughter is the warmest emotion and the one that nudges those endorphins to great places. The boys were a hoot & enjoyed giving each other a hard time about there really tight pants. But girls, they were quite cute butts! I absolutely love the venue which was Settler’s Country Manor Waymauku at Kyumyu

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Will Your Home Be A Good Backdrop?

When we're shooting brides getting ready, not always in your own homes, our challenge is to find elements that will make interesting backdrops to complement the beauty of the bride and to add something to the over all image.  A  feature I always enjoy finding are staircases because they can offer some really interesting converging lines and can become a frame within themselves. You get the perspective of shooting both up and down and there are often interesting features at the bottom. And

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Brides Brides Everywhere! Here a bride, There A Bride, Everywhere A Bride Bride!

I had a pleasure last weekend surrounded by brides to be held at SkyCity an event put on by Astra Bridal raising funds for Endometriosis New Zealand. What a fantastic excuse and opportunity to mix and mingle with a range of Auckland wedding experts which of course included myself.

 Brides came with their friends and mums, they got an early taste of the hens night by having to done the party veil and enjoyed bubbles, afternoon tea, fashion parades, prize draws, mystery prizes, wedding

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