Maree's Blog / Bridal Fashion Achieved At Giddy Heights

Emma wanted to get the most out of her self designed gown and decided to book a Trash the Gown Shoot combined with that though was another new category of mine (one that you don’t often have the time to achieve on the wedding day) that is a Bridal Fashion Shoot. Great for those Brides that maybe don’t want a trash but want the fun of dressing up and wearing their gown again and to be a model for a day. Shots that make you look like you have stepped straight out of a Bridal Fashion Magazine.

Today I’m going to share those images with you (from the shoot) followed in a couple of days by the Trash Shots.  My Bride & Groom chose a fantastic location and I have to say when I arrived there my creative impulses went crazy and my heart started beating double time. Somewhere I hadn’t shot before that offered some of the most incredible back drops I’ve ever come across. All within a very small space. NZ landscape rocks!

In the name of art some serious cliff climbing was required to reach the landscape to achieve these stunning results. A feat my Bride and Groom were happy to lead the way on. With the Groom going ahead checking out safe travel routes. As I’m sure you’ll agree from the images it was worth the effort despite my dislike of heights and screaming leg muscles. I could be exaggerating but at our highest point I’m sure we were at least 40 metres off the ground.