Maree's Blog / Final NZIPP Iris Award Entries

It is with great difficulty and many hours of indecision that I present to you my NZIPP Iris Award entries.

Every country has its own Photographic Professional Institute. It is well known that NZ is the toughest when it comes to the awards. The standard being so jolly high which certainly in one sense is great but deciding which images to submit is very difficult.

It’s not about your favourite photos or the ones your like the most. But it’s about choosing ones that the judges are going to appreciate enough to give awards too. Certainly what it does mean though is if you do get an award you damn well deserve it and it holds a lot of credibility.

I have submitted these images into the Wedding, Classic and Creative portrait categories respectively. I have also submitted a Wedding album entry which you can view by clicking here. It is the first album you come to in the album section.

So wish me luck and in a couple of weeks I’ll look forward to updating you on the results. Feel free to let me know which ones are your favourites and why.