Maree's Blog / First Limited Edition Cathedral image has success under the hammer

Last night I had the pleasure of being part of the Canterbury Children’s Earthquake Trust fundraising dinner and auction. I donated 1/15 limited edition prints of the Cathedral captured on 22 March 2012. It was purchased for $1500 which was a great price and I’m absolutely delighted. Guest speaker Steve Hansen and Sam Johnson were fantastic, poignant and entertaining. The evening raised about $40,000 for the trust.

The Canterbury Earthquake Children’s Trust has been established to provide financial support to the 66 children who lost a parent in the earthquake. 
The Trust is a registered charitable Trust and as such has guidelines in place for the allocation of funds as follows:
* The children are to be under the age of 20 (at time of application of funds),and the monies to be used to:
* Provide assistance in the case of financial hardship, and
* Assist with educational requirements.
For further information visit the website

For all parents out there I’m sure you can appreciate the pain and stress these families have been going through since they lost loved ones in the earthquake. So I encourage you to dig deep into your spare change pockets and donate to this worth charity.

The evening was well timed with the launch of my Christchurch Soul collection. Within the collection there are three different series entitled ‘Fallen History’, ‘Windows to the soul’ and ‘Raw emotions of survival’. A city is more than its buildings and Christchurch was a beautiful city. While the landscape may have changed in some ways, it still is and still has so much to offer. For a photographer, as I am, visually it's a kaleidoscope of impressions. But the real strength of this city comes from the people. 
I am a photographer by trade, artist by desire.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the images from this collection please follow the link to my website

Here is a photograph of me with the auction winner of my Cathedral Image, Chris Walsh.