Maree's Blog / Full Moon, High Tide, Reeks Havoc on Renewal of Vows

Sam and Tony didn’t have such a great day a couple of years ago at their original wedding for all kinds of reasons. They wanted to replace those memories with a whole new set, so they decided to have a renewal of vows ceremony followed by a beach PARTY!

I can’t tell you quite where we were although we were well past Muriwai we had to be driven in by four wheel drives (a pass time of the Bride, the Groom and their friends.)

Sam planned the ceremony and the photo taking meticulously around normal tides. However, as we discovered during the ceremony (which was held down on the beach) there was going to be nothing normal about the tides due to the biggest new moon in 20 years. Suddenly the waves were coming in right up to where the four wheel drives were parked and time then became of the essence. There was now a lot less of it (especially since they had to drive 20km up the beach to their camping party spot before high tide.)

So it was a rushed photo shoot thanks to the unexpected surging of the waves but as I’m sure you’ll agree, we certainly did get some fantastic images and Sam got to trash her frock on the day. I thought I was lucky a couple of weeks ago at my wet weather Waiheke trash the gown on the day. To have two in two weeks with Brides who just wanted to make the most of the moment and didn’t mind getting wet was indeed a treat for me as the Photographer (as normally this is something we do months on from the wedding when the gown no longer needs to be worn.)

Sam and Tony it was a pleasure, thank you for the adventure!