Maree's Blog / NZ Art Show 2011

What an exciting week it’s been! I’ve not only won a nomination for the B & W Spider Awards but my work has also been accepted to exhibit in the NZ Art Show. I recently submitted three pieces for the show and all three were accepted. I’m feeling very proud of myself as they would have had thousands of submissions so I’m delighted to be exhibiting again with my Fine Art creative work.

The objective of the show is to promote and expose new, emerging and established New Zealand artists. This is not just a photographic show but covers all art genres. To see more about the show click here.

As you know last year I took on studio space and this opened me up to being able to control and manipulate the light in a way I hadn’t previously been able to as I was limited to working with natural light. It has created a whole new level of passion for my work & a huge learning curve that I am just loving. The images that I submitted reflect that work. I get excited about having that blank canvas & creating art from the human body, with its lines, textures depths & angles. I use the light to paint.
These submissions of the male form reflect the strength, confusion, vulnerability & depth of what we hide and are often unable to express.  

As an artist the work I create is a personal expression of elements that reflect life so it is always interesting when you exhibit your work to witness people viewing it and wondering what their perception of it will be. The intention is to stimulate. Will the viewer connect with the image you are trying to convey or will they see something different in it? Either way you hope to just stimulate a visual thought process. The 2nd questions you ask yourself as an artist is will someone love it enough to buy it and hang it on their wall?

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them. I would love your feedback on them.
"Bar Coded Future"
"Steps to Self Acceptance"