Maree's Blog / Photographer Enthusiast Finds Herself on the Other End of the Lens

Last month I did a portrait workshop for the Auckland Camera Club. I was invited to share my expertise on portrait photography. I showed them some of my own work allowing me to describe the essential elements involved in creating Anything But Ordinary portraiture. This included some before and afters to demonstrate the benefits of post production. I took in some of my studio lighting, set them up with a model so that I could demonstrate the different ways of lighting to create different outcomes.

 The Auckland Camera Club is part of the Photographic Society of NZ and I highly recommend anybody that enjoys photography to join one of the local clubs in your area. See the link for them here.

As a result of this evening Mary (one of the members present at the workshop) felt compelled to get a personal portrait shoot taken by me. These are the images from this shoot. Enjoy!