Maree's Blog / Rocking in the Aisles

It’s not very often a couple get to be married by a family member as Michael our Groom did and it was the first wedding to be held in this Church and what a Christening it was. A beautiful and fun ceremony with some fantastic ‘lift the rafters’ singing that had me dancing behind my camera and the guests rocking in the aisle. The Brides walk down the aisle started with a line of honour by her young gym students.

There were lots of personal touches to this very special day for Michael & Kylie.  It was also special for me because one the Groomsman was in fact a Groom that I photographed last season and just lovely to see his wife who is now expecting their first child. It is one of the many joys of my job to have ongoing relationships with my clients as I’m looking forward to photographing not only the new baby but her tummy in full bloom.
The other cool thing about this Wedding was the new locations I got to shoot their portrait photos in. A couple of weeks ago when I was doing a reekie I knocked on a couple of Farmers’ doors having seen things on their land that made great backdrops; and they did..