Maree's Blog / Shooting Kids – Something All Parents Fantasise About from Time to Time

I love saying that. People always look twice at me until I remind them that my weapon is a lens, not a barrel. The hardest age to photograph children is between 1-4 (the ages of these models) when they are in that stage of life where they don’t like being told where to go, how to stay and what to do. They’d much rather be exploring and using the space around them. But as all good Family Photographers I always enjoy a challenge.

You need to try and relate to kids on their level, find things to distract them with or props to keep them where you want them to be. I have had Assistants standing on their heads singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in an attempt to get them laughing for the camera.  More often than not it’s the parents who find it hilarious while the children look on with “are you crazy” looks on their faces.

I often tell my parents, the best shots are not always the happy smiling looking at the camera ones, but those that express other elements of their personalities and who they are today.