Maree's Blog / Soft and pretty real and edgey

Not everybody wants a happy smiling studio portrait,

For those of you that know my work and portrait ethic, anytime i do a shoot i strive to portray the character and personality of the subject. My focus this year is targeting clients who better suit alternative more real environments. Most importantly creating images that when looked back on by future generations really shows the subject and the space they were in and tells a more complex real story. I’m looking to market this new genre, at the moment this style is often known as environmental portraiture. That sounds too formal and comes across as “too green” to me, I was thinking of calling it conceptual portraiture... What do you think? Would love your feedback

These two fantastic women with fascinating life stories, allowed me to capture these images that really represented the spaces they live and work in, reflecting their yesterday, today, and probably their tomorrows. A true moment in time.

 I must say these first images of Angela also reflect her husband and his job without him even being in the image (He was way too shy). To help you understand the chaos of the space he works in television, doing props. Angela herself is in publishing and has a passion for books.

When i arrived at Sarahs and saw this fantastic old cluttered shed and knowing her reluctance of being photographed, i decided this was the perfect space to portray this. She also loves her herbal tea and there is normally a pot within reach and precious spare time is spent with a good book.

In a studio environment i don’t think i could have told their stories as well as i have been able to here.  The textures, the tones and the edginess give it a perfect fine art finish best suited for this type of client who would never have gone for a soft warm fuzzy kind of result. Absolutely perfect candidates for this genre. Enjoy these and please give me your feedback.