Maree's Blog / The Heavens Opened and They Didn’t Close

The prospect of shooting my first Kawau Island wedding was one I was looking forward too. I’d gone over with the Bride and Groom earlier in the year to do a reekie. We picked out some amazing spots that were going to make beautiful backdrops (and show the Island off to its full potential) and came away with a fantastic plan for the photo shoot on the day.

As is often the case on a wedding day, plans had to be changed to suit the dismal weather. The planned garden ceremony in front of the Historic House had to be abandoned. It took place instead on the passenger ferry that their guest had travelled over on. Certainly not an ideal space but it did the job required for the ceremony.

For the rest of the day we were exposed to the elements starting with getting the guests out on the jetty, with a one, two, three, drop your umbrellas. From there we took the bridal party into the Homestead courtyard. That provided some shelter and although a different backdrop than planned a great one all the same.

We ventured out into the open a little and left the not just wet but windy beach till last where the umbrellas were blown inside out. Then it was a taxi ferry back to the mainland followed by a long drive through to Devonport for the reception.

Huge respect to the Bridal Party who despite being exposed to the elements most of the day didn’t complain but instead embraced the spirit of the event. To Jessica & Jules, while you had a wet start to your marriage I wish you many days of sunshine ahead!