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My son was born on Waitangi day.  Prime Ministers get threatened there every year!  The wedding of Karine & Chad gave me  new & rather beautiful memories. Awesome landscape, wonderful backdrops.

As always, never enough time, moving around it pretty quickly & didn't do all that we wished too but what a fantastic bridal party to work with & as you'll see the bride was always laughing & there's a pretty big smile on the grooms face too.   I figured pretty quickly the brides tickle spot was her neck because every time I sent the groom in for a nuzzle Karine just cracked up.  A spot to be remembered in the future!

Karine's gown is my favorite for the season so far.  Another stunning creation by Jane Yeh in Parnell.  Absolutely gorgeous detail & it fitted the bride like a 2nd skin & the back was to die for.  An heirloom to be treasured

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