Tips for your Portraits

Ladies Make up

DON'T use body glitter when getting ready for photography sessions, it shows up as lots of bright white spots on your skin. But do use extra make up especially Foundation, Blusher and Eye definition.

Avoid foundation with illuminate - your face will appear whiter than the rest of your skin, especially when we use flash.††I can recommend a makeup artist if youíd like to make sure you look really great! 

Mums To Be

The best time to be photographed is between 7 1/2 months to 8 months. Your tummy is full and it ensures it ís captured before the risk of an early delivery.

New Mums

The best time to capture baby is either when they are really new in that 1st month, or in the first year, at about 7†or 8 months†when they have just started to sit and before they want to start crawling.

What to wear for Portrait shoots?

Clothes can be distracting in a portrait shoot. If they are a strong colour, have a pattern or if one person is wearing something different from all others, this will be what you first see. What you want is the focus to be on the expressions and what story they tell. I recommend everyone in jeans and the same plain coloured top.


It's important when doing this kind of portrait, that you are as body perfect as can be. Freshly shave under arms and legs that morning. Don't though come with freshly washed hair - leave it for a couple of days as it is easier to style. Wear loose clothes so there are no bra or underwear imprints. Wear your own foundation and bring your own makeup kit and hair accessories.

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