5 Most Rare Gundam Action Figures in the World, Some Cost Hundreds of Millions!

5 Most Rare Gundam Action Figures in the World, Some Cost Hundreds of Millions!

https://ruangmainan.com – Since the 1970s, Mobile Suit Gundam has been one of the most popular animated films or anime in Japan. In terms of fame, it can be compared to Star Wars in America.

Now, after success in the movies, Gundam transforms into plastic model kits that can be assembled into miniatures.

These assembly toys are called 'Gunpla' or Gundam Plastic. These figures come in various sizes and levels, usually corresponding to how difficult they are to make.

However, there are some Gundam editions that can be produced in limited quantities and have special editions, making their presence in the market very scarce and very expensive.

So, to satisfy your curiosity, here are the 5 most rare Gundam action figures in the world, with prices reaching hundreds of millions. Check out the full details below!

1. Gundam Unicorn Unit 2 Banshee Norn

This Gunpla is inspired by the anime character Gundam RX-0 Banshee Norn, which currently uses complete weaponry. Made to be as close as possible to the anime character. The color of this toy is green, indicating different points on its body.

This edition of Gundam can be said to be one of the most sophisticated Gunpla because it has LED lights inside that make the model cooler. So it's no wonder the selling price of this robot toy reaches IDR 9 million.

2. Gundam RG 1/144 Destiny Heine Westenfluss Color Plated

Having a combination consisting of many colors and coated with chrome paint makes this Gundam very eye-catching when displayed. 

This cool Gundam was only produced in 100 units for the 35th anniversary of the Gundam company and was only given to 100 people invited to the event.

The price of this edition Gunpla reaches IDR 13 million. Quite expensive, right? But worth to buy!

3. Gundam MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gold Version 2

With plain gold color, this assembled robot has an elegant impression and is very suitable when displayed in your living room.

But you have to prepare a fund of IDR 33 million to have this toy.

What makes this Gunpla expensive is because it is only produced in limited quantities. Rumors are circulating that this series is sold in less than 200 units.

2. Gundam PG 1/60 Char’s Custom Zaku II Red Color

Produced only 300 units worldwide makes this Char's Custom Gundam one of the rarest Gundam toys in the world.

What makes this product rare and sought after is that it collaborates with Char Custom, known as a leading Gundam modification workshop.

The price of this Gunpla reaches IDR 47 million and now it's very difficult to find. You need hard work if you want to collect it.

1. Gundam PG 1/RX-78-2 Gold Color

This Gundam can be said to be the target of Gundam collectors worldwide, produced in 2002. 

This is because the number of Gunpla produced is only 30 units and makes it the rarest Gundam edition in the world.

The Gunpla or assembly of this robot has a real gold layer, so besides being rare, the price of this Gundam also reaches IDR 120 million. A very expensive figure!

Those are the five rarest Gundam in the world that have expensive prices. In addition to being a toy, apparently Gundam can also be a promising investment. Are you interested in collecting Gundam?