5 Popular Traditional Games That Don't Use Equipment

5 Popular Traditional Games That Don't Use Equipment

https://ruangmainan.com - Traditional games are a form of play that develops from the habits of a community in a specific region.

Traditional games are very different from modern games today. Usually, traditional games are educational and can be enjoyable sports.

Therefore, traditional games are more recommended to be taught to children than modern games that use advanced technology, sometimes making the little ones lazy to move.

On this occasion, we will discuss traditional games that can be played without using equipment.

1. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is one of the traditional games usually played in open and spacious areas, where one player on guard will seek other players hiding.

This traditional game can only be played with 2 or more players. However, like other traditional games, the game becomes more exciting with more players participating.

Before the Hide and Seek game starts, players usually do hompimpah to determine who will close their eyes to search for hiding friends.

2. Cat and Mouse Game

The Cat and Mouse Game is a simple and fun traditional game that has been played by people all over the world.

This game has different names in each place, some are familiar with this game as "tag," "police and thieves," and others.

Playing this traditional game is also very easy. The player who plays as the cat will try to catch the ball.

Meanwhile, other players will dribble the ball while passing it to other friends to avoid the cat.

However, if any player touches the ball even accidentally, they will replace the player who plays as the cat.

3. ABC Five Basic Games

ABC Five Basic Games is a very easy traditional game that only uses fingers as a game tool.

Before playing, all players usually agree on the category to be mentioned. For example, the category of city names, fruits, animals, or others.

Next, the players will extend their fingers while saying "ABCD." Then, the initial letter of the specified category will be determined according to the number of fingers of the players.

Each player can only extend fingers from one to five. If the initial letter is already determined, the players will compete quickly to mention names that use the specified initial letter.

4. Engklek Game

This traditional game has different names in each region. In the Java region, it is called engklek, Betawi calls it the Dampu Bulan game, in Riau it is called Selatak, while in the Batak Toba region, it is known as Marsitekka.

Engklek is a traditional game played by jumping on flat areas according to the pictures drawn on the ground.

Generally, the pictures made are in the form of squares, then the players will jump using only one foot from one square to the next.

5. Mushroom Game

The Mushroom Game is a very simple traditional game. This game starts with hompimpa to determine the player who must be on guard.

The player who loses hompimpa must be placed in a circle (either squatting or standing). Then, other players will create a large circle while holding hands.

Next, players will move around the player inside the circle or sway left and right while singing.

That's information about traditional games that you can try to play without using equipment.

In addition to preserving existing culture, children who are accustomed to playing traditional games will grow more active than children who only play with gadgets.