5 Best Diecast Car Brands You Can Buy

5 Best Diecast Car Brands You Can Buy

https://ruangmainan.com – Diecast is not just a toy car. For many people, diecast is a miniature car with captivating details resembling the real car, making it a worthy collectible.

Boys will be boys. Some say that men never grow old because no matter how old they are, they usually still enjoy collecting toys. For example, diecast or toy cars are not only favored by children but also by adult men.

Among the many diecast available in Indonesia, which brands are usually sought after for collection? The most popular and familiar one might be Hot Wheels. But besides that, there are many toy brands that market diecast.

Here are some of the most beloved diecast brands in Indonesia. Read more below.

Hot Wheels

It seems like there's no one who doesn't know this brand. Diecast produced by Mattel Inc. has been produced since 1968, so it's no wonder that Hot Wheels is the most popular diecast car in the world.

Hot Wheels is known for its 1:64 scale diecast cars, but they also produce in other sizes such as 1:24 and so on. The prices vary.

Finding Hot Wheels toys in Indonesia is relatively easy; they can be found in toy stores, supermarkets, or online stores.


Tomica is a diecast brand produced by a company named Tomy Co. from Japan. It can be said that Tomica is the toughest competitor to Hot Wheels in the Indonesian diecast market.

They usually use material in the form of die-cast metal that is designed to closely resemble the actual vehicles.

One characteristic of Tomica is that they usually release diecast car collections that are replicas of mass-produced real cars.


This brand can be considered one of the diecast brands that actively markets their products in Indonesia.

Maisto has its headquarters in California but is also part of the May Cheong Group, which comes from Hong Kong.

They produce various types of diecast, from cars and motorcycles to airplanes.

Diecast from Maisto is considered good, especially in terms of interior. The scales offered vary, such as 1:43, 1:24, 1:18 to 1:10.

Regarding prices, they are not much different from Tomica, starting from IDR 50,000.


Another popular diecast brand in Indonesia is Match Box.

It can be said that the packaging of this diecast is quite eye-catching in stores due to its striking colors, namely a combination of black, orange, and silver.

Matchbox is actually part of the same company as Hot Wheels because they are both under the umbrella of Mattel.

These diecast toys are sold starting from IDR 30,000 with scales starting from 1:75.


This brand was considered premium diecast in the 90s. The material used by this diecast is premium metal with good execution.

Majorette was once one of the main players for 1:64 scale diecast cars in Indonesia.

However, the company faced financial difficulties and was eventually taken over by Triumph-Adler Company in 1996.

The production center for this diecast was then moved to Thailand starting in 2001. This brand was dormant in the Indonesian market until the diecast made in Thailand re-entered the market in recent years.

Unfortunately, the quality of diecast made in Thailand is far below the quality of Majorette when it first started.

Diecast is an interesting alternative if you want to have your dream car. Although on a smaller scale, these miniature cars can provide a unique sensation for enthusiasts. Hopefully, it's useful.