5 Traditional Games that Can Keep Children Away from Gadget Addiction

5 Traditional Games that Can Keep Children Away from Gadget Addiction

https://ruangmainan.com - Every parent will worry when they see their children addicted to gadgets every day.

Even sometimes they play with gadgets until they lose track of time. What children play with gadgets can vary, from video games to exploring social media.

This habit is clearly not good for their development. Nowadays, children are less interested in playing outside, which is actually good for their growth and development.

Parents need to find ways to divert their children's dependence on gadgets, one way to do this is by inviting them to play traditional games.

Here are recommendations for 5 traditional games that can be played by parents and children together.

1. Gobak Sodor

Gobak Sodor is a typical Indonesian game. The way to play it is very simple. In this game, there are two teams, these two teams will play against each other with the roles as the guarding team and the attacking team.

First, prepare the field in the shape of a rectangle and divide it into 6 boxes.

You can use chalk to divide these six boxes. The guarding team will be tasked with guarding above the line. Meanwhile, the attacking team is tasked with passing the guarding from the guarding team.

2. Bakiak

Bakiak is one of the traditional games that comes from West Sumatra. Bakiak is wooden footwear made in such a way that it can be worn by more than one person.

Bakiak games are generally used as a racing event in sports using a pair of Bakiak by several people at once.

There are many things that can be learned from this game. One of them is learning about teamwork, compactness, concentration.

3. Cat and Mouse

Next is the cat and mouse game. To be able to play this game, many people will be needed. You can invite friends to make it more exciting.

In this game, there is someone who is the mouse, the cat, and the rest act as cages. These cages are made by children holding hands and forming a circle.

The person who acts as a cat is tasked with catching mice from outside the cage that is inside the cage. Children who play as cages are tasked with protecting mice from the cat.

4. Stilts

Stilts are a traditional game that uses two long bamboo poles that have been made in such a way and given a place for footrest.

The principle of this game is also quite simple. You just have to climb the bamboo on both footholds and then walk with two bamboo poles.

It might be a bit difficult for beginners to walk on stilts right away. In addition to good balance, you also need consistent practice to be able to use stilts smoothly. By playing stilts, you will teach children about perseverance and hard work.

5. Hide and Seek

Well, surely you yourself are no stranger to this one game. The principle of this game can also be said to be very simple and easy. This game also does not require too many people.

The way to play is one person acts as a guard and is tasked with closing their eyes while counting. Then the others find a place to hide.

After the count is finished, the guard is assigned to find all the children who are hiding until they are found.

Those are 5 games that you can play together with your children so that they are not addicted to gadgets. Hopefully useful!