5 Best Gundam MG Recommendations 2022

5 Best Gundam MG Recommendations 2022

https://ruangmainan.com - Bandai's Master Grade (MG) Gundam is a popular toy with an average price starting from 700 thousand rupiahs. The models are quite complete and have various cool names, ranging from the initial version of Gundam to the latest version. The accessories are also more diverse than the High Grade (HG) Gundam type.

Not only children, but adults also love this toy for collection purposes. Therefore, we will provide five recommendations for the best and newest MG Gundam for you. Come on, get the Master Grade (MG) Gundam and display it in your room!

What's the difference between MG Gundam and other series?

MG stands for Master Grade, a type of Gundam with a price above the High Grade (HG) model but below the Perfect Grade (PG). Its size is 1/100 of what is shown in the animated film. The price may not be affordable for children, but it is quite affordable for adults.

Every year there is a new model released, both standard versions according to the film and custom versions of previously released models.

Many other factors make MG Gundam look so attractive. Nostalgia factor, the joy of successfully assembling it, or purely because of the profession as a professional Gundam Builder make MG Gundam popular.

Of course, the market share of MG Gundam is very large and will continue to grow.

How to choose MG Gundam

In this article, we will explain the criteria for choosing MG Gundam. Choose according to your taste and use our explanation as your reference.

Choose products based on series, limited edition, or regular

There are two types of MG, namely regular type and limited edition type. The regular type is a type of MG that is commonly sold and can be bought anytime. If you like the regular type, you can buy it anytime.

On the other hand, the limited edition MG can only be purchased at a certain time and the quantity is limited, making it quite difficult to obtain. In addition, the limited edition MG is usually more expensive than the regular type.

However, limited edition MG has various advantages. MG Gundam with a transparent body, finishing like real metal, or unique decals/colors is only available in the limited edition variant. If you want a Gundam that not many people have, choose the limited edition MG.

Choose products based on the number of parts

The more parts there are, the more diverse and free the Gundam poses you can create. In fact, there are MG Gundam models consisting of hundreds to thousands of components.

Assembling a MG Gundam with many components does take extra time and skill.

However, you will find it easy to create Gundam poses as desired. Surely, you will feel very satisfied when you finish assembling it!

Choose the model you like the most

Assembling MG Gundam clearly takes time. If you assemble a Gundam that you don't like, it will feel boring. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to choose the Gundam model that you are most familiar with and like.

You can start by looking at Gundam models in your favorite animated films. Below is a list of some popular Gundam animations plus their Gundam models.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: RX-78-2 Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Gundam Wing, Gundam Heavyarms, Gundam Deathscythe Hell, and others
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Justice Gundam, Providence Gundam, Freedom Gundam, and others
  • MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS: Gundam Barbatos, Gundam Vidar, and others

Apart from the above films, there are many other interesting Gundam animations for you to watch, featuring various cool Gundams. Just make sure to buy the MG Gundam whose model you want the most!

5 Best MG Gundam Recommendations

Next, we will recommend five of the best MG Gundam products that we have determined based on the selection criteria above.

1. Gundam Heavyarms Custom Endless Waltz (Rp1.550.000)

Bring artillery weapons worldwide!

If Gundam Seven Sword/G appears for sword lovers, this Gundam is here for heavy artillery weapon enthusiasts.

You will find rocket launchers on the chest, shoulders, waist, and calves. In addition, you will also get two units of dual gatling guns!

This product is also equipped with water slide decals that make its appearance more lively and realistic. Although the water slide decal application process is difficult, when finished, you will feel a sense of satisfaction.

With a combination of white and dark green colors to create a mysterious impression, it's no wonder that this product is highly liked!


Look tough with full Armor completeness

This product must be owned if you like Gundam that looks muscular and full of war equipment. You can display this Gundam in two modes, naked mode and full armor mode.

In naked mode, the Gundam's hands alone already look striking with the twin beam rifle and rocket launcher.

Do you want to enjoy its full armor mode? Just attach jumbo rocket boosters and a pair of sub-arms to the backpack. Don't forget the missiles in various parts of the body, a large beam cannon, and especially the four shields. All these accessories make the appearance of this Gundam look very tough and ready for battle.

3. MG 1/100 Concept-X 6-1-2 Turn-X (Rp1.150.000)

Cool Gundam wrapped in clear components

Conventional weapons such as a super-large mace, bazooka, and rifle give a strong old-fashioned vibe to this MG Gundam. Nevertheless, its sharp-angled design, sharp fingertips, and fierce eyes make this MG Gundam look fierce.

Interestingly, the components of the frame wrapping of this product are intentionally designed to be transparent. You can see more details of the movement of each component when you change the pose of this MG Gundam. Cool! Fans of MG Gundam with a unique appearance should not miss this product.

4. GN-0000+GNR-010/XN 00 XN Raiser (Rp1.250.000)

More character with a buster sword

Do you like Gundam with swords? If yes, this product might make you fall in love. This Gundam is equipped with a weapon consisting of five sword blades. You can attach all five swords at the same time, making its appearance very distinctive and handsome.

These five swords consist of two short swords and three large swords. You can attach the short swords to the waist. The three large swords consist of two GN swords and one jumbo buster sword. Fierce!

5. Wing Gundam Zero Endless Waltz Ver.Ka (Rp999.000)

Eye-catching with bright color combination

It cannot be denied that many people like Gundam because of Wing Gundam. If you are a fan of Wing Gundam or looking for an MG Gundam with a bright and stylish color, this product is worth considering. The color composition makes it interesting to look at.

Another interesting thing about this Gundam is the size of its wings and long rifle. The angel wings make it look eye-catching when displayed in neo bird mode or mobile suit mode. Plus the long rifle, which is longer than the height of this Gundam itself, makes this product ready to be the center of attention in your collection!

We have presented the best recommendations for MG Gundam along with how to choose them. Limited edition MG Gundam is sold in a certain quantity at a certain time only. If you really want it, don't hesitate to buy it immediately.

The weaponry, model, and accessories of MG Gundam will affect the number of components. Choose the MG Gundam that you like the most and complete your personal collection!