5 Best PG Gundam Recommendations 2022

5 Best PG Gundam Recommendations 2022

https://ruangmainan.com - Of all types of plastic Gundam models, Perfect Grade (PG) Gundam is the highest type with the best quality. Although it is quite expensive, PG Gundam remains the number one target and most desired by all fans of the Gundam series. This is very reasonable given its extraordinary quality and detail.

To help you find your favorite high-quality PG Gundam product, we will explain how to choose it first. After that, we will also provide recommendations for PG Gundam from various popular regular and limited edition series. Let's see more and fulfill your passion for collecting PG Gundam!

Differences between PG Gundam and other models

PG Gundam is an abbreviation for Perfect Grade products of mobile suits that appear in the Gundam series. Gundam is a classic Bandai product with a circulation age of 40 years, starting from 1979. This moment is when the Mobile Suit Gundam series was first aired on television. 

The sales of PG Gundam itself occupy the highest position among all Gundam products. This makes since the 20th-anniversary celebration, the models of PG Gundam released continue to increase. The scale used is also the same, namely 1/60. As a result, the Gundam, which on average has a height of about 18 meters in the film, changes to 30 cm in the form of PG Gundam.

If you are still unsure about assembling PG Gundam, you can try the MG (Master Grade) Gundam type. The scale ratio is 1/100, and its detail quality is almost comparable to PG Gundam. The price is also more affordable.

Then, for those of you who are new to assembling Gundam, you can choose the HG (High Grade) type. This type of Gundam is cheaper and easier to make before moving on to a higher type.

How to choose PG Gundam

If you are confident in your knowledge and ability to assemble PG Gundam, we will now explain how to choose PG Gundam. Choose according to your preferences.

Choose regular or limited edition type according to your preference

There are two types of PG Gundam, namely regular and limited edition types. The regular type is the type that commonly circulates in the market. Meanwhile, the limited edition type is a type made in a specific quantity and period. It's natural if you will find it more difficult to get this type. The price is also more expensive than the regular type.

In our recommendation list, you will find both regular and limited edition types. You may be less satisfied with the quality of the regular type and want a Gundam that not many people have. If so, we recommend you choose the limited edition type.

Choose based on the number of components and mobility

The more components there are, the freer the poses that can be done by the PG Gundam. It takes hundreds or even thousands of parts to assemble a PG Gundam. 

Also, special time and skills are required to assemble PG Gundam with many components. However, the feeling when it is finished will surely be very satisfying and enjoyable.

Choose Your Favorite Gundam

There are many Gundam series circulating in the market. Assembling PG Gundam to completion, including the smallest components, will certainly take time. To enjoy the process of making it, choose the model you like the most.

5 Best PG Gundam Recommendations

In this list of the best PG Gundam recommendations, you will find regular and limited edition types. Choose your favorite and enjoy the moments of assembling your favorite PG Gundam!

1. PG 1/60 Trans-Am Raiser

Glossy Finishing and transparent parts that pamper the eyes

Released on the 10th anniversary of the 00 Gundam series, this Gundam has glossy finishing that makes it look so shiny. Combined with its transparent components plus additional LED lights, you will get a Bandai masterpiece that looks very magnificent.

The presence of GN Sword III that you can turn into a large red transparent sword makes it look even more stunning. The large booster on the back also adds to its majestic appearance. If you like a Gundam with a luxurious and exclusive appearance, this product should not be missed.

2. PG 1/60 RX-0[N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (Final Battle Ver.)

Looks fierce with green Psycho Frame

This product is a must-have if you want a Gundam with a fierce and deadly aura. This product is equipped with a special water slide decal that can produce a glowing green color. Not only that, you will also find additional LEDs on the main frame. The combination of the two makes this product look very fierce with a bright green Psycho Frame like in the movie!

The appearance of this Gundam is even more striking with large gold horns on the shoulders and forehead. Although only equipped with a beam rifle, beam saber, and shield, this product will still be the center of attention. Only available in Destroy Mode, you won't need much time to assemble this product.

3. Gundam Astray Blue Frame

Metal components provide maximum stability

If Gundam Astray Red Frame emphasizes flexibility, this product highlights stability in posing. The best choice if you like poses that prioritize stability. The legs and thighs are made of heavy metal so that this Gundam can stand stably even on one leg.

4. PG 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam

Eye-catching model with maximum articulation

If you are looking for an eye-catching Gundam with excellent articulation, this product should be prioritized. Its large wings that can be turned into weapons make this Gundam the center of attention. Coupled with dual rifles that can be combined into a long rifle, plus a beam saber, this product also attracts attention.

This product also has very good articulation. This makes this Gundam able to imitate various cool poses freely as in animated films. Plus the interesting color of the parts and the artistic gold inner frame, you will enjoy the moments of assembling it even more.

5. PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

Its Unicorn Mode and Destroy Mode are very charming

If you are looking for a Gundam that has two combat modes, this product is the right choice. In Unicorn Mode, this Gundam is dominated by white, giving a mysterious impression. Well, in Destroy Mode, this Gundam will look more fierce with a white and pink color that is very attractive.

Because of these two modes, you will get a sufficient number of assembling components. To be able to assemble all these parts, extra time and effort are needed. If you are assembling a PG Gundam for the first time or just want to try it, be prepared to give extra effort.

We have provided recommendations for the best PG Gundam, the highest type with the highest quality. There are PG Gundam models with many fans and high demand. It's no wonder if you find a PG Gundam with the same name but with slight differences.

Assembling PG Gundam takes time and effort. However, since PG Gundam has the best quality, once you successfully assemble it, you will definitely be hooked. Therefore, choose the one you like the most!