7 Types of Toys for Girls that are Good for Developing Creativity

7 Types of Toys for Girls that are Good for Developing Creativity

https://ruangmainan.com - Toys for girls and boys are indeed different from each other. Nevertheless, these toys have the same purpose, which is to entertain and educate children.

This article will discuss toys for girls that can develop their creativity and encourage their growth. What kind of toys are suitable for girls? For that, let's explore the following article.

1. Dolls

There is a variety of dolls for girls, ranging from Barbie dolls to dolls that can move and talk. Surprisingly, playing with dolls can stimulate a child's creativity and imagination. This is because they can role-play with puppets by creating various creative scenarios.

2. Play Kitchen Toys

This type of toy is usually sold as a set that includes equipment and ingredients for play cooking. Children can be creative and prepare their favorite foods while playing with this game. Cooking toys can also be combined with dolls, so children can pretend to open a restaurant or play in a dollhouse.

3. Cosmetic Toys

Every girl surely wants to look as beautiful as her mother. No wonder if girls often use their mother's makeup. Well, you can give them special cosmetic toys that suit their age. So, if you are wearing makeup, the little one can also wear their version of makeup. Of course, this toy can enhance creativity.

4. Doctor Playset

In addition to cosmetic toys, you can also give a doctor playset. This unique toy not only helps children be creative with scenarios like doctors and patients but also helps them develop social and communication skills. Especially when playing with friends.

5. Craft Making

Finally, you can invite your child to make handicrafts such as bracelets or necklaces made of beads. This toy will help your child express their creativity and imagination by making preferred accessories.

6. Puzzle

A puzzle is a game where pieces of a picture are assembled to form an image. By playing puzzle, you can sharpen your child's brain and creativity. You can choose a puzzle with colors and patterns that arouse your child's interest and enthusiasm, encouraging them to play together.

Aside from being suitable for girls, this game can also be played by boys. This game for children stimulates the development of their brains by teaching them about arrangement, problem-solving, perseverance, and coordination between hands and eyes.

7. Origami

Origami is the art of transforming folded paper/origami into a specific object. A child's instinct when faced with new games with objects is to observe, touch, and understand how it works.

This game option for girls uses objects to support the cognitive development of your daughter by encouraging curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving.

In addition to the three mentioned earlier, playing origami helps train your child's mathematical abilities, especially those related to measurement. Transforming origami into beautiful shapes is the basis of every formal education in the subject.

Those are some recommendations for types of games that you can use as a medium for your child's growth and development.