7 Best Lego Building Collections to Collect

7 Best Lego Building Collections to Collect

https://ruangmainan.com - In addition to various original designs, LEGO also creates replicas of famous buildings. Not only real buildings but also fictional ones that are Lego toy replicas. If you enjoy collecting Lego toys, it's a good idea to also collect some of these Lego Building collections.

One of the most useful toys for everyone is Lego. There are many things that can be learned from assembling Lego Building toys. One of them is the following.

1. Better Motor Skills

You will be required to assemble Lego using your own hands and fingers. Motor skills are honed not only when attaching one brick to another but also when searching for those bricks in a large stack.

2. Stimulating Imagination

Almost every LEGO collection has minifigures that can be played with the building. In fact, not everything made has to follow and match what is on its packaging. This way, your imagination will come into play.

3. Not Easily Satisfied

Many people find it difficult to continue a task because of boredom or loss of motivation. But when playing with Lego, you won't feel bored or stop halfway. Everything has to be completed until it's perfect.

4. Learning to Solve Problems

Many people blame each other when faced with problems. By playing with Lego, you will try to find and solve problems to try to solve them.

Best Lego Building Collections to Collect

1. Lego the Eiffel Tower

The romantic place in France has certainly not escaped Lego's attention to create a miniature version. This collection only has 321 Lego pieces, so it's not too difficult to make. In addition to the miniature, you will also receive a brochure containing information about the design, architecture, and construction history of this famous building worldwide.

2. Lego Buckingham Palace

This royal building in England is indeed a tourist destination when visiting London. This place is often used for royal events every year. Lego Buckingham Palace is also one of the recommended collections that you must have. In addition to the building, there are some additional collections included in this collection. One of them is the double-decker bus and black taxi, which are iconic vehicles of Buckingham Palace.

3. Lego Taj Mahal

Are you looking for an interesting LEGO collection that requires a little effort to make? Choose the Lego Taj Mahal toy for your next collection. This Lego collection contains more than 5,900 bricks with a height of 43cm, width of 51cm, and length of 51cm. You can also break this building into 7 modular buildings to make it easier to move.

4. Lego London Tower Bridge

This Lego collection from a building over 120 years old must be in your room. Since 1894, the London Tower Bridge has stood firm over the River Thames and become a city landmark. More than 4,200 Lego pieces need to be put together to assemble this collection.

5. Lego the Joker Manor

There are already many Lego Batman collections that can be collected, especially for those who like the heroes from Gotham City. However, if you have to choose one of the Lego Batman collections, the Joker Manor collection must be your top choice. This collection features various minifigures, including Batman, Alfred, Harley Quinn, and of course, Joker who owns the place.

6. Lego Firehouse Headquarters Ghostbuster

The Ghostbusters movie may have been out for a long time, but the landmark of this film will always be remembered by its film enthusiasts. Lego doesn't want to miss making it a must-have collection. This collection includes 4 Ghostbusters minifigures, plus some of their ghosts.

7. Lego Hogwarts Castle

This collection includes a total of 27 Lego minifigures including Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron Weasley, and Dumbledore. Assembling this collection will also take quite a bit of time. This Lego collection contains more than 6,000 Lego bricks. However, once the building is finished, you will definitely not stop playing with it.