7 Best Animal-Shaped Toys for Children

7 Best Animal-Shaped Toys for Children

https://ruangmainan.com - Animal-shaped robot toys are very popular among children. These types of toys are not only for educational purposes but can also entertain your children while playing. Moreover, some toy robots can move on their own.

You can also introduce the names of animals to your child with these toys. This way, they can learn about various other creatures that exist in the world.

Furthermore, these animal robot toys can also become collectibles for your living room or your child's playroom.

Best Animal-Shaped Toy Recommendations

Well, if you are looking for toys like this, here are recommendations for some animal-shaped robot toys that can inspire you to choose the right toy for your child.

1. Silverlit Gloopies Frog

This plastic toy is suitable for children aged 3 and above. It is not too large, around 10 cm, and only requires three LR44 batteries.

Playing with this toy is also quite easy even for children. The child just needs to place a metal object so that this frog robot can reach the object by extending its tongue. You can get the Silverlit Gloopies Frog toy for only Rp 149,000.

2. Silverlit Chimpy

This animal-shaped robot toy is also suitable for children aged 3 and above. This toy will move and extend its tongue when you pinch the ears of this gorilla-shaped robot toy.

The size of this toy is also not too large, so even young children can easily play with it. You can own Silverlit Chimpy for Rp 279,000.

3. Silverlit Gloopies Chameleon

Similar to  Silverlit Gloopies Frog, this toy can also use its tongue to catch magnetic objects around it. This toy has a chameleon shape and is made of high-quality dull plastic, so you don't have to worry about your child getting hurt while playing with it.

You can directly get the Silverlit Gloopies Chameleon toy for Rp 149,000.

4. Emco Robot Puppy Bot 2 Mix

You can introduce your child to Emco Robot Puppy Bot 2 Mix before giving them a pet. This type of toy can be given to children aged 3 to 5 years.

This robot toy is not only available in various colors but also has a cute puppy-shaped design. You can own this toy for Rp 319,000.

5. Hybrid Aqua Robot 00-03415

This fish-shaped robot toy can accompany your child while bathing. Moreover, your child can assemble this robot fish on their own. Its unique shape will make your child comfortable playing with it. The Aqua Hybrid Robot toy can be bought for Rp 289,000.

6. Hexbug Robot Scorpion

To broaden your child's knowledge of the animal world, you can give them this Hexbug Robot Scorpion toy. This toy, shaped like a scorpion, is suitable for children aged 8 and above.

Although the toy's body looks shiny, the Hexbug Robot Scorpion is made of plastic that will not harm your child. This toy is priced at Rp 199,000, and you can directly own it.

7. 4m Spider Robot Toy

This animal-shaped robot toy looks like a spider. Your child can play with this toy by swinging it with a string so that the toy will hang like a real spider. Like the previous toy, this spider toy is also made of safe plastic for children. You can buy this toy for Rp 239,000.