8 Coolest Transforming Gundam Robots

8 Coolest Transforming Gundam Robots

https://ruangmainan.com - Introduced 40 years ago, there have been hundreds of Gundam robots in various designs. Most Gundam models generally have the shape of a robot. However, there are also Gundams that can transform and change into various forms.

In the Gundam world, there are many robots that can transform. Typically, these types of Gundams have two modes: the mobile suit (MS) mode, which remains in the form of a robot, and the mobile armor (MA) mode, which can transform into vehicles like airplanes and tanks.

1. Gundam Unicorn

Gundam Unicorn can be considered the simplest transforming Gundam. In unicorn mode, this Gundam has a plain design without decorations and is dominated by white color.

Now, when this Gundam transforms into Destroy Mode, the original form of the Gundam starts to appear. This transformation activates the NT-D (Newtype Destroyer) system that opens the Gundam's frame, and the pink Psychoframe emerges, making it look like a complete Gundam.

After transforming into Destroy Mode, the attack, defense, and mobility of Gundam Unicorn increase. This is thanks to NT-D and the Psychoframe System, which allows the pilot to control the Gundam with their thoughts.

2. Gundam Zeta

This Gundam can transform from robot form (MS mode) and change into the flying form Waverider mode (MA mode). The Waverider mode allows Zeta to move from one location to another faster and more effectively.

For design, I have to admit that Gundam Zeta is one of the best and most innovative despite being quite old.

3. Gundam Star Winning

Similar to Gundam Unicorn, the power of Star Winning significantly increases when switching to Real Mode. This type of Gundam has a variety of weapons, such as a sword that can be combined with a rifle.

This Gundam also has a weapon called Star Cross that can be combined into a large-sized shuriken.

4. Gundam Tryon 3

With a chest shape like a lion's head, this Gunpla is very similar in design to the robots in the Voltron anime series. Its design is also unique because this Gundam can be divided into three robot forms: crab robot, eagle robot, and lion robot as the main robot. This Gundam comes with accessories like rocket hands, the Chochoken Super Epic sword, and rocket hands.

5. Gundam ZZ

Gundam ZZ, inspired by Gundam Tryon 3, can also be divided into three modes. The difference is that the first mode (G-Fortress) must be placed before the second mode (core top) and the third mode (core base). This transformation itself is also inspired by Zeta Gundam. This Gundam robot comes with a very cool rifle.

6. Gundam Gaia

Gundam Gaia has a very epic transformation. This Gundam can change into MA mode, and its form is not an aircraft but a four-legged robot like a wolf. This Gundam is equipped with accessories such as rifles and cannons that make the robot even cooler.

7. Gundam Aegis

Gundam Aegis can transform from robot form into a spacefaring aircraft form. This robot toy comes with a 580mm-sized cannon accessory. The toy can also transform the nose of the aircraft into four arms, which is very interesting.

8. Gundam Flauros

The transformation of this Gundam is actually the same as Gundam Gaia. When transformed into MA, Flauros changes into a four-legged robot called Shelling Mode. This toy also comes with accessories like a cannon named Super Galaxy Cannon.

Flauros also looks fierce with two claw-like blades. The eye painting on the head also enhances the scariness of this Gundam.