What is Diecast? Not Just an Ordinary Toy, Can Be a Collection and Investment

What is Diecast? Not Just an Ordinary Toy, Can Be a Collection and Investment

https://ruangmainan.com – What is Diecast? We may have heard this term frequently, but haven't delved into the meaning of diecast or its history. Therefore, in this article, we will explore this topic. If you're curious about the origin of this toy, read on below.

Diecast is a small-sized toy resembling its original model, created or produced using the die-casting method or a melting process of materials such as iron, metal, or alloys, which are then poured into a pre-made mold.

The production of diecast is also assisted by other materials as complements to the main material, such as plastic, rubber, and glass. Diecast is often made in the form of vehicle replicas like cars and motorcycles. It comes in various scales, from the smallest to the largest.

Understanding Diecast

Diecast is a metal-based toy created using die-casting or molding techniques. The manufacturing process is similar to industrial die-casting, where metal is heated to a high temperature until it melts and is then poured into a mold.

Some diecast toys have exact shapes resembling their modeled vehicles. Manufacturers must obtain licenses to create miniatures of specific cars. For example, Hot Wheels needs permission from Ford to make miniatures of Ford cars.

Other diecast brands also need permission to produce toys imitating original car or vehicle models.

History of Diecast Toys

Now that we've covered the definition, what about the history of this toy? It turns out that diecast was first created in the early 20th century.

The first manufacturer was Meccano (Dinky Toys) located in England. Besides Meccano, there were Dowst Brothers (Tootsie Toys) in the United States and Fonderie de presisi de Nanterre (Solido) in France. The first models introduced to the market were purely physical-looking cars.

The metals commonly used to create these miniatures are a combination of zinc and aluminum. The mixed metal must be easily moldable, corrosion-resistant, solid, and lightweight.

Types of Diecast Toys

Although most diecasts found in the market are car types, they come in various other forms. Some of them include:


This type is the most common in the market. You can easily find metal miniature car replicas ranging from the smallest to the largest scale. The prices of metal car toys are also relatively affordable, starting from tens of thousands of rupiahs in online stores like Shopee.


Motorcycle types are also quite prevalent in the market. Tomica and Maisto are two brands that create many motorcycle miniatures. Tomica even has classic Japanese motorcycle models like the Super Cub.


If you want sturdy miniature airplane replicas, diecast airplanes might be the suitable choice. Original airplane models are replicated with details in these metal miniature toys.


Even cruise ships and warships have their diecast versions. The designs are also very detailed and stunning, making them suitable for display rather than play.


In addition to the mentioned types, diecast also comes in the form of dioramas or other decorative miniatures, such as houses, various tools, and more.

The broad definition of diecast makes this toy not limited to car miniatures, although car types are the most popular. Interestingly, this toy has its own collector community.

Not Just an Ordinary Toy, Can Be a Collection and Investment

Many think that diecast is just an ordinary toy, but it is even more collected by adults.

Collectors are willing to buy limited models at high prices.

Furthermore, there are other reasons why many people are willing to collect this metal toy.

Firstly, collecting diecast is more economical than collecting actual cars. Secondly, there is a unique joy in having many cool miniature cars. Thirdly, the collected toys can become valuable when resold one day.

Therefore, besides being a toy, diecast can also become a collectible item and investment.