Gobak Sodor, Traditional Team Game

Gobak Sodor, Traditional Team Game

https://ruangmainan.com - Gobak Sodor, often also referred to as "galah asin," is one of the traditional games known to originate from the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

However, this game has different names in each region of the archipelago. In the Natuna Islands, for example, it is called the "Galah" game.

In Coastal Riau, it is referred to as "Galah Panjang," in the Riau Mainland region as "Cak Bur" or "Main Belon."

In West Java, it is called "Galah Asin," in North Sumatra, it is called "Margalah," while in the Makassar region, it is known as the "Asing" game.

History of the Gobak Sodor Game

Actually, the history says that the traditional game Gobak Sodor is not originally from Indonesia.

Many claim that this game was first introduced by the Dutch to the Indonesian people.

Specifically in the Yogyakarta area, so many Indonesians mistakenly believe that the game originated from there.

However, some Dutch literature mentions that the term Gobak Sodor is derived from "Go Back Through The Door," which means penetrating the door.

Because the name of this game uses a foreign language and is challenging to pronounce by the Indonesian people, the term for this game was changed to gobak sodor.

This statement is in line with the Javanese dictionary (Baoesastra) written by WJS Poerwadarminto, published by JB Wolters Uitgevers Maatschappij NV Groningen, Batavia in 1939.

In this book written in 1939, the history and meaning of gobak sodor are clearly recorded.

According to this dictionary, the name gobak sodor is derived from two words, namely, "Gobak," which means moving freely, and "Sodor," which means spear.

So, if interpreted according to the Javanese dictionary above, gobak sodor means moving freely using a spear.

This explanation is because, in the past, warriors often played a game called sodoran to train their spear warfare skills.

How to Play Gobak Sodor

1. Before starting the game, all players will be divided into two teams.

2. Each team has about 3-10 members with a balanced number.

3. Create a playing field by forming a rectangular square divided into 6 lines.

4. The boundary lines of the field can be made using chalk or tape.

5. Then, both teams will discuss to determine who will be the first attacking team and the losing team becomes the guarding team.

6. The guarding team positioned on the horizontal line will be responsible for guarding the lines or blocking the opposing team (attacking team) trying to cross the designated line.

7. Subsequently, one of the guarding team members will be on the vertical line. This guard has an advantage, as they can access the entire vertical line in the middle of the field.

8. Meanwhile, the attacking team will send their members one by one to pass the guard at each line.

9. If any of the attacking team members are touched by the guarding team on the line, there will be a change of team positions. The guarding team will switch to become the attacking team, and vice versa.

10. The team that successfully passes the guarding team and survives until the last line will earn points. The team with the most points will be declared the winner.

That's the information about the traditional game of gobak sodor, from its history to how to play it. Team traditional games like this are beneficial when taught to children.

Because this game can make them accustomed to working together and mingling with their playmates, so children will grow more active.

Moreover, their bodies will be much healthier than if they only play gadgets at home. Because if children play outdoors like this, their bodies will move automatically and produce sweat, which will have a positive impact on their health.