Recommendations for Disney Toys from Toys Kingdom for Children

Recommendations for Disney Toys from Toys Kingdom for Children - There are many types of toys that children love and are available at Toys Kingdom. One of the favorite toy kingdoms for children is Disney. These characters are also beloved by children.

This article will discuss recommendations for Disney characters from Toy Kingdom at affordable prices. With this, parents can be relieved because the prices are not expensive to fulfill their children's desires for these Disney character toys.

Toy Kingdom Toy Recommendations for Children

Toy Kingdom itself is a toy retail store that has been established since 2010 and has more than thousands of toy collections. So, what kinds of Toy Kingdom toys are simple but attract children's interest? Here are some recommendations that you can use as your reference.

1. Disney Princess Minifigure Gem Collection Blind Capsule

This Disney Princess Minifigure is suitable for girls aged 3 and up. The product has dimensions of approximately 4.6 x 7 x 8.3 cm. Despite its small size, it is suitable for children to play with. There are many options for these Disney Princess Minifigures.

You can use these princess minifigures to add to your child's toy collection. The price of these minifigures is quite affordable, around Rp 80,000.

2. Disney Princess Frozen Characters

You may already know about this Disney character. Especially, children will love the Frozen characters. This Toys Kingdom Frozen toy has 4 characters sold separately.

The dolls and costumes of these Disney Frozen characters truly resemble their original forms, even matching the characters in the original storyline. These dolls are suitable for children of all ages. You can also add these toys to your collection. The price is quite affordable, around Rp 100,000.

3. Disney Princess Minifigure Small Doll

This toy has a convenient size for a child's hands, approximately 8.9 cm. The toy also has easy-to-wear and removable costumes. Actually, this princess doll is suitable for children around 3 years old. What's unique about this toy is that it can be positioned to stand or sit. So, children will never get bored playing with this toy.

The price of this princess doll is also quite affordable, starting from Rp 60,000. With this low price, you can buy more than one to complete your child's toy collection.

4. Marvel Action Figure Olympus

Not only girls like Disney cartoon character toys. Boys usually also like Disney cartoon characters, such as this action figure from Marvel. This is because boys usually like toys that are in the form of action figures.

So, boys will also get Toys Kingdom toys of these cartoon characters. The height of this toy is about 24 cm and is very suitable for children aged 4 and up.

Children will also like this toy because it can be moved. This toy is good for your child because it is made of high-quality, child-safe plastic material.

Aside from being toys for children, this toy can also be used as a Toys Kingdom collection for your child. This toy also has an affordable price. You can get this toy for only Rp 130,000.