Types of Rubik's Cubes in the World

Types of Rubik's Cubes in the World

https://ruangmainan.com - Rubik is a brain-teasing game that originated from Hungary. This game is quite popular in our country, Indonesia. There are many types of Rubik, but the most famous one is the Rubik's 3x3.

Some people believe that playing Rubik can enhance brain intelligence, but you should think twice when playing Rubik.

There are so many ways to solve Rubik using different formulas, so everyone competes to find the most effective way to solve it.

History of the Rubik's Game

Rubik is a mechanical puzzle game discovered in 1974 by Hungarian architect and sculptor, Professor Erno Rubik. Initially, the game was named 'Magic’s Cube.' Due to its great success in its home country, the game started to be sold worldwide in 1980 and was renamed "Rubik’s Cube."

Since then, Rubik has become a trend worldwide. Everyone wants to play it, both children and adults. Rubik became a trend because of its simple and elegant concept, but it's challenging to solve.

In 1982, it was estimated that more than 100 million Rubik's Cubes were sold. Professor Erno Rubik became wealthy from his earnings and became a billionaire. Due to its fame, various local competitions were held to solve the Rubik's Cube.

The peak was in 1982 when the Rubik's Cube World Championship was held for the first time in Budapest. The championship was won by Ming Tai, a 16-year-old Vietnamese student from Los Angeles, with a record time of 22.95 seconds.

Public interest in Rubik started to decline in the 1990s. This was because there was only difficulty in obtaining information to solve this game. However, with the spread of the Internet, the Rubik's game became popular again.

Various Types of Rubik's Cubes in the World

Since its invention in 1974 by Professor Erno Rubik, the development of Rubik's forms has been rapidly advancing worldwide. Many of them eventually developed Rubik, which originally only had a size of 3x3x3.

Among the many Rubik's Cubes in the world, there is one Rubik that is said to be very difficult, namely Over the Top.

Over The Top itself is a type of Rubik designed by Oskar Van Deventer. This is because Over The Top has a very complex pattern, which is 17x17x17, and very few people can solve it.

Here are some types of Rubik's Cubes in the world up to the present time.

1. Standard Cube

The standard cube, also known as Rubik according to the name of its inventor, Erno Rubik. The standard cube is the oldest and most popular Rubik ever.

The shape of this standard cube is 3x3x3. This standard cube is a basic lesson before playing other types of Rubik.

2. Master Cube

This Master Cube has a shape of 4x4x4. This Rubik was created by Peter Sebesteny, a developer of Rubik with higher difficulty. This Rubik was initially known as Revenge Rubik.

3. Professors Cube

This Professors Cube has a shape of 5x5x5. Created by Udo Krell, this Rubik is similar to the standard Rubik (3x3x3) because it has a central part. Because it consists of 5 layers, the difficulty level is different.

4. V-Cube 6

V-Cube 6 is a variation of Rubik 6x6x6. This Rubik was created by Panagiotis Verdes. The layers of this Rubik are 6 in number. And the standard size of this Rubik is 6.9 cm3.

5. V-Cube 7

V-Cube 7 is an evolution of V-Cube 6. Panagiotis Vardes not only increased the number of layers but also changed the shape of Rubik to make it more prominent. The standard size for this Rubik is 7.2cc.

6. Pocket Cube 2x2x2

As the name suggests, this cube is small. This pocket cube can also be called mini. The shape of this Rubik is 2x2x2.

7. Fisher Cube

Fisher's Cube is a development of the standard Rubik. Created by Tony Fisher, its solution is similar to Rubik 3x3x3, only Fisher's Cube can be rotated diagonally.

8. Void Cube

Created by Katsuhiko Okamoto, the most prominent difference of this cube is the hollow and translucent center.

9. Square Cube

Square Cube is designed by Kartel and Kopsky. This Rubik has a truly unique mechanism.

The shape of this Rubik will also change when you scramble it. This Rubik has several types like Square 1, Super Square 2, and Square 2.

10. Mirror Cube

Mirror Cube is also a further development of the Standard Cube. When scrambled, this Rubik forms a nice pattern.

The way to solve this Rubik is also determined by its shape, not by its color.

11. Skewb

Skewb is one of the most popular variations of Rubik due to its uniqueness. Created by Tony Durham, there are many variations and modifications of this Rubik.

12. Floppy Cube

Floppy Cube is a 1x3x3-shaped Rubik. Created by Katsuhiko Okamoto and produced by Gentosha Toys. Floppy Cube is also undergoing extensive development, including Domino Cube, Slim Tower, Phantom Cube, and Grown Tower.

13. Pyramid Cube

The pyramid has a triangular pyramid shape that basically resembles a pyramid. Created and designed by Uwe Meffert.

14. Ultimate Cube

This Rubik is the most difficult. Created by Tony Fisher, the mechanism of this Ultimate Cube is the same as Skewb with 12 color schemes.

Those are some types of Rubik in the world. You can start learning to play Rubik using the standard 3x3x3 size. If you have mastered this Rubik, you can proceed to more challenging levels.