Various Sizes, Grades, Scales, and Prices of Gundam Gunpla

Various Sizes, Grades, Scales, and Prices of Gundam Gunpla - Gundam is one of the most famous anime series of its time. This anime was first released in 1979 and tells the story of human space warfare using Gundam robots.

Currently, Gundam has appeared in various forms such as movies, manga, and games. One of the most popular is Gunpla or Gundam Plastic Model Kit.

Gunpla is a Gundam toy made of plastic that needs to be assembled. This toy has many interesting details and looks like the real thing.

Favorite Types of Gundam Model Kit Collections

There are various types of Gunpla, each with different sizes. This is important to know before deciding to buy a Gundam. Here are the types of Gundam model kit collections suitable for beginners.

1. Gundam SD (Super Deformed)

The first favorite Gundam collection type is Super Deformed Gundam or commonly known as Gundam SD. This Gundam has a smaller size compared to other types, about 8-10cm. In addition, this Gundam also has a large head, giving it a fun impression unlike regular Gundam.

This Gundam has limited mobility because it has very few joints, so it can only perform a few poses. This is a Gunpla that is very suitable for those who are starting to collect Gunpla. This Gundam itself has a price range between Rp 40,000 to Rp 595,000.

2. Gundam HG (High Grade)

This Gundam style collection is the best-selling Gundam collection on the market. High Grade Gundam first appeared in 1990. This Gundam has a scale of 1:144 and a height of about 15 cm.

Assembling this Gundam is relatively easy and does not take much time, making it suitable for someone who is new to building Gundam. The details and joints of this Gundam are also relatively simple. Price range: Rp 150,000 - Rp 4,795,000.

3. Gundam MG (Master Grade)

Master Grade Gundam is a Gunpla Collection type with more details than High Grade Type. With a scale of 1:100, this Gundam has many small parts, making it quite difficult to assemble.

This type of Gundam collection has more joints and an internal frame that makes this Gundam more stable, so it has more poses. The price range of this Gundam is between Rp 250,000 to Rp 7,500,000.

4. Gundam RG (Real Grade)

Gundam RG or Real Grade is a type of Gundam collection with a scale of 1:144 with Advanced MS joint technology that makes this type of Gundam easier to pose.

This Gundam has many small parts, making it highly detailed when assembled. However, assembling this type of Gundam takes longer and requires special skills. The price range for this Gundam is from Rp 180,000 to Rp 2,997,000.

5. Gundam PG (Perfect Grade)

Gundam PG or Perfect Grade is the highest-quality Gundam collection type in terms of quality, detail, and difficulty level. This Gundam has a very high range of motion, so it can be assembled into various poses as in the anime series.

This Gundam collection has a height of about 30 cm and is very suitable for those who want a realistic Gundam and for modeling. This Gundam itself has a relatively high price range, ranging from Rp 695,000 to Rp 25,000,000.