Recommendation for 5 Types of Toy Trains

23-11-2022 - Toys not only make children happy but also have educational benefits, including toy trains. Toy trains can train children's motor skills, imagination, and thinking ability. There are many great and interesting toy trains. You can choose wooden toy trains, Thomas and Friends, and other types of toy trains.

This time, we will provide tips on choosing the best toy trains for children and recommend the products. Various toy brands, such as LEGO, Fisher-Price, and IKEA, are included in our recommendations. Immediately read this article and find the best and most liked toy trains for children!

These products are carefully selected considering the quality of the product, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. We rank our products based on their popularity in the marketplace.

1. TXZX Alloy Inertial Train


Starting from Rp 71,286.00

Made from strong and lightweight alloy material

Most children's toys are made of plastic. However, this toy is different because it is made of alloy. For your information, alloy is a type of composite material where one of its components is metal.

Because it is a mixed metal, alloy material has a lighter weight than iron. So, even small children can play without being burdened. If you are looking for a lightweight and durable toy, you can buy this one.

2. City - Cargo Train

Starting from Rp 4,895,000.00

A unique train that does not carry passengers but carries goods

In addition to the usual passenger trains, you can introduce other types of trains that can carry goods. LEGO City - Cargo Train is a type of train that can carry goods.

The more complex arrangement of train tracks will train a child's problem-solving skills. Once assembled, the train can also be operated with a Bluetooth remote. This set is more suitable for children interested in construction.

3. Train with Tracks, Set of 45

Starting from Rp 399,000.00

Complete IKEA-style package, can be used as a toy and decoration

This IKEA toy train is very complete, from tracks, trains, to other accessories. You can teach the little one to assemble train tracks. The assembly of the train tracks is easy enough for a 3-year-old child. Besides being used as a toy, you can also use it as a beautiful display at home!

IKEA LILLABO can help develop a child's imagination, fine motor skills, and thinking ability. IKEA combines wood and plastic to make this product an interesting children's toy. Uniquely, each train carriage is connected with magnets.

4. Titipo and Friend Pullback Loco, Xingxing, Eric

Starting from Rp 269,000.00

Collect all Titipo characters, a train toy from Korea

Does your child know the train characters from Korea, Titipo and Friends? Or is your child one of their fans? Titipo is a train toy character under the same umbrella as Tayo Bus.

If they are Titipo fans, they must collect other characters, such as Loco, Xingxing, and Eric. Titipo characters are also diverse and varied. Don't miss collecting all of their characters!

5. BP Wooden Toy Transportation Train

Starting from Rp 89,000.00

A classic toy that teaches geometric shapes

In addition to training a child's motor skills, this toy train can also be used to introduce geometric shapes. Circles, rectangles, squares, and triangles are shapes that you can introduce to the little one.

In addition, the little one can also learn to arrange them according to the wooden holes or according to imagination. Blocks of wood with different colors can also help children recognize colors.