Types of Outdoor Children's Toys and Their Benefits

Types of Outdoor Children's Toys and Their Benefits

https://ruangmainan.com - Outdoor play facilities are widely available in many areas. Many playgrounds provide complete outdoor toys that your child can play with. Outdoor playground games are not only for fun but also have benefits for children's growth and development. Here are outdoor games that have benefits for children:

1. Slide

This sliding game is useful for training the balance and courage of children. The child's balance is trained when sliding on the board. The child's courage is also honed when at heights and when sliding. In addition, the game is also useful for training children to be orderly and take turns playing slides with other children.

2. Rainbow Bridge

The rainbow bridge is a game in the form of a half-oval ladder. This rainbow bridge is generally given various colors. This facility can train a child's courage at high places, balance when climbing, train muscles, introduce various colors, and increase self-confidence. This game requires your supervision while your child is playing.

3. Globe Ball

The globe ball is a ladder game in the form of a large ball that is useful for training a child's physical muscles, the courage to climb and be at a height, and a child's agility. This toy is usually made of iron or steel, so you must supervise and watch your child when trying this game.

4. Tug of War

Tug of war is a game that can train your child's body coordination. This game can also build a child's courage and self-confidence. Children will be faced with a tug of war ladder that is not rigid and stiff, so the child's mentality to face various possibilities will also be trained with this game.

5. Balance Board

The balance board is a game in the form of a long pipe where a child can train balance by walking on it. The balance board is generally not too high, so it is safe for children if they fall while walking on it. In addition, this outdoor children's toy can also train a child's courage.

6. Swinging Bridge

The swinging bridge is a rope bridge that is not rigid and swings when someone crosses it. This game can train a child's courage and balance when facing the swinging bridge. This game will be more fun when played together. The swinging bridge will be more felt when more children play. This toy is usually only available in playgrounds that provide complete outdoor toys.

7. Round Tunnel

The round tunnel is suitable for 2-year-old children who are in the crawling or learning to walk stage. This game helps train the coordination of a child's hands and feet because they have to move their legs and hands at the same time.

8. Ball Pit

Ball pit is one of the games that has many benefits for children. A plastic pool with various colorful balls can stimulate a child's senses as a whole. Not only getting to know various colors, the available balls also train a child's senses when holding them. In addition, children can also jump safely here. This game is always available in playgrounds with complete outdoor toys.