Types of Games: Modern vs. Traditional

Types of Games: Modern vs. Traditional

https://ruangmainan.com - Children's games are an alternative to keep them happy and provide a fun way for them to grow up healthy and smart. Until now, there have been many ideas for children's games at home or outdoors. Here are some games that you can play with your little ones.

Traditional Children's Games from the 80s to 2000s

The first type of children's game is the traditional games from the past. These games are iconic and memorable, especially for those born between 1990 and 2000. Here are some traditional games from the past that you can play with your kids.

1. Hide and Seek (Petak Umpet)

The first traditional children's game is hide and seek (petak umpet). For those born between 1990 and 2000, this game brings back nostalgic memories of childhood.

Although this game is from the past, many children today still play it with their friends. The game starts by choosing a seeker through a simple method like "hompimpah" (counting out). The seeker then closes their eyes and counts to a certain number.

While the seeker counts, other players find hiding spots. Once the counting is done, the seeker tries to find the hidden players.

2. Kite Flying (Bermain Layang-layang)

The second traditional children's game is kite flying. Kite flying was a common activity for children, especially in the afternoons. Despite being a game from the past, flying kites is still enjoyable for today's kids.

Making kites is relatively easy, and you can teach your kids to create kites, fostering their creativity. Kite flying also introduces scientific concepts to children, explaining how kites can soar into the sky.

3. Pretend Play Cooking (Bermain Masak-masakan)

If the previous games were played outdoors, indoor games like pretend play cooking are also popular. Pretend play cooking is often associated with girls, but it has numerous benefits, including boosting imagination, creativity, communication skills, motor skills, and critical thinking in children.

To play this game, you need play kitchen tools, utensils, and play food. Consider using fun and attractive food shapes like Yupi Noodles or Yupi Pizza, making the play even more engaging.

Modern Children's Games

The second type of children's games is modern games. With the advancement of technology, games that were once played with simple equipment have transformed into modern and more enticing forms. Here are some modern children's games that are widely played.

1. Slime Play (Bermain Slime)

The first modern children's game is playing with slime. Slime is a play material with a squishy, soft texture and comes in various attractive colors.

You can play this game with your kids while supervising to prevent any undesired incidents, such as kids attempting to eat the slime. Making slime is also easy and can be done at home. Playing with slime has several benefits, including reducing smartphone addiction, enhancing creativity, and serving as a calming activity for anxious or stressed children.

2. Roller Skating (Bermain Sepatu Roda)

The second modern children's game is roller skating. Roller skates have been popular for a long time, and with technological advancements, modern roller skates are easier for today's kids to use.

Playing with roller skates is a healthy physical activity for children, burning calories and boosting their metabolism. It also teaches patience and perseverance during the learning process, enhancing children's self-confidence when they successfully use roller skates.

3. Puzzle Games (Bermain Puzzle)

Puzzles are highly educational children's games often found in schools and can be played at home. There is a wide variety of puzzles, ranging from easy to challenging, requiring children to think to solve them.

Puzzles are excellent educational games that help improve children's memory, teach them about shapes, enhance patience, and develop problem-solving skills.